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Nowfel I've just downloaded and given your rules a red-through. I have yet to test them in action but I really liked what I read. Just a suggestion : could you include a blank ship form (preferably in a format that is editable rather than pdf) for those that like to tinker with the ship stats.
13.02.2007, 10:20

Claes S. Horsmann No, I haven't tried them with the Spanish Main ships, largely because I like the pewter models a lot better.
It shouldn't be a problem at all to use those models for LoMar though, as they're about the same(ish) size as the Peter Pig models.
13.02.2007, 09:08

Howard Doing my first read through right now, and I have to say these seem like professional quality rules to me..
very nice..

Have you ever tried these rules with the Pirates of the Spainish Main collectable constructable ships?
05.02.2007, 03:25

Claes Horsmann I just sent you an e-mail, but I'll say it again here: by all means go ahead and post something there. I' m glad about any feedback.
24.10.2006, 13:55

William You should post this game on boardgamegeek website. I would do it for you, if I knew it was ok.
22.10.2006, 09:35

13.09.2006, 14:39
esther@siebenhafen.de http://www.siebenhafen.de

Marcus Hi,

the site looks cool. shock
May the flying dutchman never find it!

No - I haven't been payed for this statement!

Mr. M
06.09.2006, 17:40

24.08.2006, 07:29
Keno@siebenhafen.de http://www.siebenhafen.de

Claes Horsmann Guestbook is now open for entries. Feel free to post any cristicism, ideas or questions on the 'LoMaR' materials here.
23.08.2006, 20:56

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